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The Design Center will be curating the December exhibition at Art in the Age (116 N. 3rd St. Philadelphia).  Join us for the opening reception December 2nd from 6-8pm! There will be a weaving demonstration by Betty Lertdarapong that evening. 
Wintry Victorian-era prints, 1960s woven samples, woodblocks, swatchbooks, and more will be on display for the entire month of December. Come get inspired!

go to AITA and check out this show! i can’t because i’m dumb and have finals. fuh, law skool sux. 
hanging around like dis skeleton / listening to dead kennedys / eating candy corn / drinking snap & waiting for something to happen (duh) 

Hunx & His Punx setlist used by King Tuff in Philly with the song keys since it was the first show of tour.
Bouffant Bangout at the Barbary 

Hunx & His Punx @ Kung Fu Necktie, Philly.

one day much earlier this summer rj drove grey, ryan, brittany, and me to chipotle and on the way there we listened to this song. that was a nice day.


Post bowling league and several shots of whiskey.

unbowlievabowl ! 
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